Arduino, Seeed Motor Shield, and a CD-ROM

Arduino, Seeed Motor Shield, and a CD-ROM

Ok, it has been a super long time since I’ve made a post…  To break the silence, I wanted to write up a bit of info on something I recently had to work out for a project.  That is how to drive a CD-ROM stepper motor using the Seeed Motor Shield for the Arduino Uno.  […]

An Abbreviate History of Augmented Reality

A colleague is working on a book chapter in which he wants to include a section on AR.  He asked me for a brief history (not to be include in the book) to give him an idea of how AR came to be what it is today.  I sent him the following.  There is A […]

Site Reboot

Well, I recently had some unexpected difficulties with my old WordPress install, and I had to do some major fixes.  With that said, I’m currently in the process of updating my site.  I’ll be sure to get my old posts back up soon!