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Arduino, Seeed Motor Shield, and a CD-ROM

Ok, it has been a super long time since I’ve made a post…  To break the silence, I wanted to write up a bit of info on something I recently had to work out for a project.  That is how to drive a CD-ROM stepper motor using the Seeed Motor Shield for the Arduino Uno.  I did some quick searching and didn’t immediately turn up any posts on how to do this (though I found several DIY setups and one using an Adafruit motor shield).  The motor isn’t marked with any branding, so finding the pinout was by trial and error.  Once you’ve got that, the motor works just as any other stepper.   As shown in the diagram, I have arbitrarily labeled the pins from top-to-bottom, but this was an arbitrary decision.


I soldered wires directly onto where the ribbon cable was attached (see photos) so that it would be easier to work with.  Once everything was wired up, I ran the Seeed “StepperMotorDemo” code and everything worked.  Well, sortta.  200 steps were too many and made the laser carriage run into the ends.  40 seemed to be a good number of steps. USB power was enough to run this, so I didn’t need to add external power.


So, there ya go.  A short, sweet post that will hopefully be helpful to somebody.