Here are a few 3D printable parts/tools/etc that I’ve put together.  They are available for download on Thingiverse.

  • Clock Winding Key (fits 1890 Ingraham clocks)
    I made this key to fit a clock I got at an auction.  Admittedly, though it does fit, it is hard to turn.  You’ll also probably want to print rotated 90 degree so that it is laying on the long side.

  • SNAP VR display
    This is a 3D printable VR display that snaps together.  I designed this as a teaching tool for my VR class.  The specific instructions for putting it together are available on its Thingiverse page.

  • DIY CNC XY-Table
    Lots of acronyms in this title…  A while back I started seeing a lot of Proxxon XY-Table clones on Amazon for super cheap.  I got one and retrofitted it to be CNC controlled with an Arduino and CNC Shield.  I’ve built two of these so far, and they are tons of fun!

  • m12 Lens Mount for Logitech c270
    A few years ago, I wanted to build an augmented reality add-on for the Oculus Rift DK2.  I made this lens mount to attach a standard sized wide angle lens to the Logitech c270 webcam.  It is a little over sized, so you’ll probably want to print at 99% scale.

  • Mini Cooper Cigarette Lighter Housing
    This is one of the first things I built for my wife (then girlfriend) back when we were dating.  This replaces the cigarette lighter housing for a 2005 Mini Cooper.  ONLY use this if you are going to be using the lighter exclusively for charging your phone.  High temperatures may melt or burn 3D printed parts.